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Mediterranean -Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia, Aegean, Adriatic, Ionian, Ligurian,
Caribbean - Virgin Island, Bahamas, Antiles

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 Digital Nautical Charts
   from 1yachtua

- International General Charts
- General Charts
- Spain 38 (27 charts free)
- France 32 (15 charts free)
- Italy (West coast and Islands) 58 (24 free charts)
- Adriatic  61 (48 charts free)
- Greece 105 (79 charts free)
- Turkey  60 (33 charts free)
  Caribbean 58 (26 charts free)
- Free charts
- Topo charts

- Chart's Packs (ZIP files)


Selling one digital chart at a price of 3.80 left very little money after paying all bank payments for transactions

Selling one chart at a price of 3.80 bring very small revenue after paying all bank payments for transactions. At the same time, I would like my charts to be still the most inexpensive and affordable. As result I want to propose new rules fro price formation:

1. Chart's Pack. Download like one ZIP files all charts for this region. Smallest price — less 1.00 EURO for a chart!

- WestMed

2. All plans and small scale charts are free for download.

3. If you need one or two charts only you may to buy selected chart, but for new price in 6.80 EURO



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Free download
Mediterranean Atlas is free
Free BSB 2.0 charts
Caribbean -23
Spain - 27
France - 15
Turkey - 33
Greece - 79
Adriatic- 49
Italy - 24

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