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Milos and Kimolos

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Milos Bay

Useful telephone numbers

Automatic dialing code: 0287
Adamas Port Authority: 22100
Police: 21378
Municipal Offices: 21370
Olympic Airways, Milos: 22380
Milos airport: 22381


Milos is the most southerly island in the Western Cyclades. It is notable for its volcanic soil and for the rich deposits of minerals that lie beneath. It has a distinctive horseshoe shape. The civilization of Milos is considered to be as ancient as that of Crete, and spans a period of at least 5,000 years.

Its fame spread throughout the civilized world thanks to the master-piece of the Venus de Milo, a statue found buried on the island in the 19th century and now in the Louvers Museum in Paris.




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