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Greece, Aegean, Cyclades, Andros, Tinos Maps

Andros and Tinos

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Greece, Aegean, Cyclades, Andros, Tinos Maps

See British Admiralty Chart 1833, 1630, 1647

Area  - 373 sq. km.
Distance from Piraeus - 89 nautical miles

Andros, the most northerly island in the Cyclades and the second-largest in the group, is also among the most beautiful. Successive ranges of mountains with steep sides, separated by gorges, river-beds and three large valleys planted with olive trees, figs, oranges, lemons and vines through which run numerous streams go to make this a landscape which often goes beyond what we think of as typically 'Cycladic'. The mountains end as rocky cliffs or steep promontories, while at the mouths of the valleys are sandy beaches.

Tinos lies very close to the southern tip of Andros. This is the holy island of Our Lady, which in August is swamped by pilgrims who have come to pray in Her church or in fulfillment of a vow.


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