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British Virgin Island SailingBackground
British Virgin Island. Tortola SailingHistory
Virgin Islands, British, group of 50 islands east of Puerto Rico, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, forming part of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies, a dependency of the United Kingdom.
Area: 153 square km. (59 sq. miles). Capital: Road Town (Tortola). Official Language: English
Population: 19,000. Currency: U.S. Dollar. Time Zone: (summer); EST + 1 
(winter); GMT -4
British Virgin Island SailingClimate Average temperatures ranging from 77 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to 82 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. There is less than a 5 degree Fahrenheit difference in temperature from winter to summer.
British Virgin Island SailingSailing activity  
British Virgin Island SailingDetail information
British Virgin Island. Tortola SailingEntry formalities
British Virgin Island. Tortola SailingTotola Sailing
British Virgin Island Virgin Gorda SailingVirgin Gorda Sailing
British Virgin Island Anegada SailingAnegada Sailing

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