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Caribbean Sea. Sailing & Cruising Information. Trinidad & Tobago

Background Trinidad and Tobago (a single nation) are the southernmost of the Caribbean islands. They are situated off the coast of Venezuela, north of, and opposite the mouth of the Orinoco River and are separated from the South American Coast by the Gulf of Paria. Trinidad and Tobago has a total area of 5,130 square km.
Official Name: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Area: 5,128 square km (1,980 sq. mi). Trinidad 4,828 square km (1864 sq. miles). Tobago 300 square km (116 sq. miles)
Capital: Port-of-Spain
Official Language: English. Population: 1,283,000
Currency: Trinidad & Tobago Dollar. Exchange Rate: 1 $ U.S. = 
Time Zone: EST + 1; GMT -4 
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