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Background Jamaica with an area of 10,991 sq. km (4,244 sq. ml). The island has a maximum length, from east to west, of about 235 km (about 146 ml); the maximum width is approximately 80km (about 50 ml). The terrain is mountainous, except for several tracts of lowlands in the southern coastal area. Blue Mountain Peak (2256 m/7402 ft) is the highest summit in the West Indies. The coastline, about 800 km (about 500 ml) long, is irregular, particularly in the South, and the island has a number of excellent natural harbors, including those at Kingston, Saint Ann's Bay, Montego Bay, and Port Maria. Thermal springs occur in various areas and the island is subject to severe earthquakes.
Official Language: English. Population: 2,538,000
Currency: Jamaican Dollar. Official Language: English
Population: 2,538,000
Currency: Jamaican Dollar
Exchange Rate: U.S $1 = $35 Jamaican 
Time Zone: GMT - 5
Exchange Rate: U.S $1 = $35 Jamaican 
Time Zone: GMT - 5
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