Fugawi. GPS Nautical Software. Technical Specifications.

FUGAWI is GPS Software for Windows PC, Pocket PC or Palm (including Garmin iQue TM 3600).

Technical Specifications
Use with PC, Pocket PC, Palm or Garmin iQue TM 3600
Navigate using commercial marine raster charts such as MAPTECH ® , SoftChart, and NDI Digital Ocean TM , land maps such as FUGAWI Digital Maps, USGS DRG maps, ECW format and may others; FUGAWI Street Maps including USA, Canada, Europe, and South Africa; user scanned paper maps or any raster map file in bmp, gif, jpg, pcx or tif format on PC
Compatible with popular GPS receivers
DisplayUp TM option—choose from north-up, map-up, course-up and route-up on PC
High definition zooming with FineView TM on Pocket PC
Draw routes and tracks freehand on PC
Transfer (rasterized) maps and charts to your Palm or Pocket PC
Upload/Download waypoints, routes and tracks to/from most GPS or PDAs
Dusk and night vision displays on PC
NMEA output for your autopilot on PC
Pan across different maps or zoom between different scales using ScalePan TM on PC
Scan your existing paper charts and import into FUGAWI on PC
Overlay FUGAWI Street Maps on top of raster topographic maps on PC
Distance calculator and trip odometer on PC
Enhanced elevation profile view on PC
Attach pictures and sounds to waypoints on PC
Print out customized charts on PC
Create customized datums and user grids on PC
View Doppler weather radar overlay on your chart or map on PC (USA and Southern Canada only, requires internet connection and WXport subscription)
Chart compatibility
FUGAWI Digital Map Collection
NOAA Marine Vector Charts (NOAA ENCs)U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Inland Waterway Vector Charts (IENCs)
Digital marine charts from MAPTECH ® , SoftChart, or NDI Digital Ocean TM
USGS DRG topographic maps
ECW format maps
Downloaded internet maps, scanned maps, raster map files, or aerial photos in bmp, gif, jpg,png, pcx or tif format (simply plot 3 points and provide map data)
Fishing Hot Spots™ digital maps (2004)
System requirements
Pentium processor or better
Windows 2000, XP or NT4
100 MB hard drive space and 64 MB RAM
CD-ROM Drive and pointing device
PDA: Palm 3.5 or greater (including Garmin iQue TM 3600) or Pocket PC operating system

   This is example of a NIMA chart from 1yachtua.com for Fugawi
(format .fx4)
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Mediterranean Atlas for Fugawi
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