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Siros Island

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Siros Island. Cyclades. Greece. Gaidharos Island. Ermoupolis.  
Useful telephone numbers
Automatic dialing code: 0281
Police: 22610
Municipality of Ermoupolis: 22500
Municipality of Ano Siros: 22766
Archaeological Museum: 28487
Port Authority: 28888
The northern part of Syros is mountainous and the island stands out in general for the variety of the landscape in its hinterland, where hills alternate with low-lying farming areas. The coastline is indented with inlets of all sizes between capes. There are two large bays, of Ermoupoli to the east and Finikas to the west. Archaeological excavations have shown that Syros was inhabited in Neolithic times. Digs at Kastri and Halandriani have revealed a prehistoric acropolis, a settlement and a burial ground, and yielded artefacts of the Early Cycladic period.
On the north-east side of the island are Halandriani and Kastri hill, where important prehistoric finds have been made. The beaches of north-west Syros are difficult to reach. Among places of interest here is Gramata, where inscriptions dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods are to be found carved on the rocks.
The southern and western parts of Syros are the most densley-inhabited. The best beaches are also here, including Galissas, a fine, large resort with a long sandy beach; Possidonia or Delagratsia, a coastal area with a good beach at Agathopes and neo-classical houses of great architectural interest; Vari, with an attractive beach, Finikas bay, Kini and Gialos.

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