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Kos, Niseros and Tilos

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KOS - This island has given the world Hippocrates, father of medicine; it looks like a huge floating garden. 
The island boasts villages well known for their beauty, e.g. Asfendiou (14 km. from the city), Kardamaina (by the sea) and Pyli. From Pyli the road leads to Palio Pyli, with remnants of an old castle, and to the fishing village Marmari and Mastichari. At the southwestern end of the island lies Kefalos, a village endowed with wonderful sandy beaches and little taverns. In Kefalos, at the Palatia site, we can see the ruins of Astypalaia, capital city of the island in Antiquity. There is a beautiful beach near the town. There are others - marvelous and often quiet places - all over the island, some of them accessible by bicycle - a means of transport much used in Kos.

NISIRUS A small island where a lovely village teeters on a steep hillside. Take a tour to view a live sulphur crater at the heart of
the island.

TILOS- At the north west of Rhodes, it is surrounded by imposing mountains, rocky and steep coasts, beaches with transparent water and caves.
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