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Kea and Khitnos

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Island Kea
Ayios Nikolaos
Island Khitnos
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Kea - this exceptionally picturesque island lies 15 miles from the south-east coast of Attica. It is also known as Tzia and this name is a remainder of the Venetian era. The total surface of the island is 121 sq. km. and its circumference 86 km.
The mountain masses, which are encountered in most of the Cyclades, are broken up by small valleys sparsely planted with vines and fruit-trees and run right down to the sea, opening out into pretty little bays. The highest mountain of the island is Profitis Elias (568m.). 
Bee-raising is another island occupation. The Kean thyme honey is famous. 
The sea at Kea is crystal clear, the beaches are wonderful and the taverns are traditional Greek. Otzia, Panagia Kastriani, Pisses are only few of the locations that you'll never forget. Other worth mentioned villages are : Vourkari, a typical fishermen village near Korissia, Katomeria, Parameria etc.
  • Agios Nikolaos: Good shelter; Fuel & water in town; Taverns
  • Kavia: Good shelter; Anchored off; Fuel & water in town; Taverns

The island of Kythnos, or, as the locals call it, Thermia, lies between Kea (Tzia) and Serifos, 54 nautical miles from Pireaus.
Administratively, Kythnos belongs to the Kea province of the Prefecture of Cyclades. It has an area of about 100 sq. km. (38 sq. miles) and a circumference of 36 miles. The terrain is rocky with Ai-Lias (336 m.) the tallest pick.
The small gulfs which keep the sea peaceful, the white houses, the streets and the old windmills, are some of the attractions of the island. Kythnos is close to Athens, so it is suitable even for weekends.

  • Merihas : Good shelter; Fuel & water in town; Taverns
  • Loutra : Poor shelter; No fuel; Water in town; Taverns
  • Agios Stefanos : Good shelter; Anchored off; No fuel; Water in town; Taverns



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