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Port Simi

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The capital in the north of the island bears the same name and is divided into the upper and lower town, Ano Symi and Kato Poli. The lower town is also called Yialos. The two districts are linked by a lane so steep it has steps. It is flanked by charming neoclassical houses, some of them painted in warm pastel colours, with balconies and peaked, red tile roofs. Many of them also are embellished with neoclassical features on the doors and windows. Their interiors are decorated with wood carvings, the locals having been adept at the craft for generations. The highest point in Ano Symi is capped by the usual castle of the Knights of St. John, whose emblem can be seen above the main portal.

Useful Telephones
Area code: 0241
Harbourmaster: 71.205
Police: 71.111
Municipality: 71.302
First Aid: 71.290



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