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Port Rhodes

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Greek Waters Pilot
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Facilities A port entry. Port police and customs. Fuel in the town. Water on the quay. Good shopping for provisions. All general repairs.
Remarks Good all-round shelter.
Charts: British Admiralty Chart 1666

More information see:

Greek Waters Pilot. Rod Heikell.
p.p.286-287, plain and photo
The famous Colossus which used to stand in the port of Rhodes, Mandraki, in Antiquity was one of the seven wonders of the world.

The city of Rhodes, at the north end of the island, presents a dual face. The old town is encircled by medieval castles; there are narrow lanes, stone mansions, churches, the Knights' Castle, Knights' Hospital and the Castello. Then the new city extends beyond these suggestive walls - with its wide streets, beautiful buildings, glamorous hotels and shops full of characteristic items of Rhodian folk art.


Rhodes Island.

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