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Port Navplion

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Nauplia (Nafplio), capital of the prefecture and one of the lovellest towns in all Greece. The old city with its neoclassic houses, picturesque streets, wooden balconies with cascading flowers, Turkish fountains, Constitution (Syntagma) Square with its fascinating mosques and outdoor cafe tables is like a fairy land.

In Syntagma Square the Archaeological Museum, with its finds from various periods and frescoes from Mycenae (Mikines) and Assini, is housed in an imposing Venetian building, while the Folk Art Museum, on Vas. Alexandrou street, occupies a neoclassical house.

N 37 34' 6", E 22 47' 36"
Port Authority of Nafplio
T : +30 27520 22974,
F : +30 27520 27022


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