Turkey. Sea of Marmara. Marinas, port, charts, nautical information for sailing.

Turkey. Marinas, Ports, Charts and Nautical Information

Turkey. Aegean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris.

Plains and maps of Turkey ports and marinas, picturesque anchorage for yachting, sailing and cruising in Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

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Yesilova Korfezi

Turkey. Marinas, Ports, Charts and Nautical Information. Aegean Sea. Yesilova Korfezi.

On the southern side of Dirsek Cape are the underwater remains of an ancient quay. Leaving Dirsek and passing Agil Cape we reach Atabol Cape, the sea of which is full of rocks. Sailing carefully pass them one reaches the Sombeki (Bozburun) gulf. Passing between Kizilada and Zeytin Ada and leaving Kiseli Island to one's port side, we enter Bozburun Harbor. Bozburun Is a famous for its boatyards and the ruins of ancient Tymnos are here. The eastern side of Kizil Island immediately before Bozburun as well as the southwestern side of Kiseli Island are both suitable as anchorages. One leaves here sailing pass Sögüt Island and enters Sögüt Harbor. There are many Islands here.

The presence of the ancient city of Tymnos is shown on many old maps where Sögüt is now located. East of the harbor is a village called Saranda, where ancient Tyssonos used to be. From old records we learn that the ancient city of Ceresse was located opposite the Taçlica Islands.

Bodrum to Marmaris

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