Approaches Kusadasi is a booming tourist town. There can be as many as eight cruise ships anchored in the roadstead, bringing tourists to visit Ephesus. Numerous hotels and pensions line the waterfront, to accommodate those who want to relax on the beaches as well as sample the ancient ruins of Ephesus and other nearby sites. The number of souvenir shops, carpet shops, and restaurants has 
increased dramatically to provide for all the tourists' needs, and it is difficult to walk very far in any direction without being asked to "look at a carpet mister".

The marina is a popular spot for yachts to winter afloat, and is often crammed to capacity. It is located about one kilometre from the town proper, but it is a pleasant walk along the waterfront. Kusadasi (it means Isle of Birds') is built on the site of ancient Neapolis, of which nothing remains. 

Marina plan
Town plan