Kusadasi. Approach to the marina, looking NNE.

Conspicuous. From the NW the town, spreading up the slopes behind Kusadasi Roads, can be seen from some distance off. From the S a tall white tower (part of a hotel complex) on Aslan Burnu is conspicuous closer in, the fort on Guvercin adasi and the marina breakwater are easily identified. There are often a number of large cruise ships anchored out, or berthed at the piers in the S of the bay.

1.Karakasi Banklari. A reef with least depths of 2.1 m (7ft) over part of it extends in a NW direction for nearly a mile from Karga Adasi. (Karga Adasi lies about one mile N of Aslan Burnu.)
2. Petroma Kayasi. A reef with some rocky patches just submerged extend in a westerly direction for just over half a mile from Yalanci Burnu. The latter lies close SW of Guvercin Adasi. Both reefs are difficult to spot and should be given a wide berth.
3. Akburun Kayasi. Extend 200 metres in westerly direction from the root of the outer mole of the marina.
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