Turkey. Sea of Marmara. Marinas, port, charts, nautical information for sailing.

Turkey. Marinas, Ports, Charts and Nautical Information

Turkey. Aegean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris.

Plains and maps of Turkey ports and marinas, picturesque anchorage for yachting, sailing and cruising in Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

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TR016. Bodrum to Marmaris.
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Koyun Burnu, Yedi Adalari Anchorages.

Turkey. Marinas, Ports, Charts and Nautical Information. Aegean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris. Gokkova Korfezi. Koyun Burnu, Yedi Adalari Anchorages.

Tuzla Bay. There is a light at the mouth of this much-indented inlet, at the far end of which is another wooded lagoon. Some 800 m inside the inlet are the Karabük reefs which one should watch out for because they are difficult to spot above the water. Vessels may anchor within the inlet and along the shore. Between Teke Cape and Taneli Cape are a group of seven islands, hence their Turkish name Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands). While the place is indeed a beautiful one, the numerous reefs here require caution. Pass Yedi Adalar is Dogu Bay located between Taneli Cape and the 4th island south of the eastern peninsula. Sakli Harbor is entered through here. On the northeastern side of the 4th island there is a inlet facing northeast. At its end is a concrete jetty. There are dangerous reefs 400 m northwest of the 3 islands counting from Teke Bay. After leaving Yedi Adalar we come to the lovely bay of Gökçeler Bükü.

Gokova Korfezi

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