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Turkey. Mediterranean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris.

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Karaburun Peninsula.

Turkey. Marinas, Ports, Charts and Nautical Information. Mediterranean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris. Karaburun, Kizil Adasi.

Continuing on our Blue Voyage we fill our sails with wind and rounding Karaburun come to Bozukkale, some two and a half miles beyond. Every yacht is sure to call at Bozukkale. In ancient times there was a shipyard here. Entering the bay, the citadel walls of the ancient city of Loryma that used to be here can be seen on the western side. The walls facing the entrance to the bay are 2.24 m thick and 320 m long and they enclose an area measuring 274 sqm. At one time there were two projecting towers at the corners of the citadel and nine rectangular towers as well. Today only the projecting tower on the north remains. Four of the five gates in the wall faced north. There are two cisterns here carved partially into the rock, one on either side of the wall. On the acropolis hill east of the jetty is another wall built of rectangular and multi-angular stone.
An inscription on the wall of a cave at the foot of the hill extending along the seashore announces that it is prohibited to remove offerings that have been dedicated to a sacred place. On some maps this harbor is called Aploteka.The harbor is sheltered against severe weather conditions. During the Peloponnesian wars, Athenian ships concealed themselves here for a while. The Athenian commander also used the place as a rendezvous point before the battle of Knidos in 395 B.C. In 335 B.C., Demetrios, son of Antigonos, built up his fleet here.

The harbor at Bozukkale was also used during Roman and Byzantine times and by the Knights of Rhodes as well. On the southern side of the Loryma peninsula there are heaps of stone consisting of four or five blocks set atop one another. They may have been the foundations of altars. Two miles after Bozukkale is Serçe Harbor. The entrance to Serçe Harbor is like a giant door made of huge boulders. The western side of the harbor consists of steep slopes and rough, rocky terrain. One should sail with the Çatal Islands to one's south or else between them: the passage between the mainland and Çatal Island should not be used. Before the southern promontory of the bay is a small reef that is very dangerous and many ships have been lost throughout history on them.

Serçe Liman. In 1025 A.D. in the month of September, a two masted ship measuring 15 m. in length and 5.13 m. abeam and displacing 30-40 tons set out with a cargo she took on at one of the harbors in the rich Fatimid countries. Just as she rounded Bozukkale however she was caught in a storm and tried to take refuge at Loryma but hit a rock and sank in 32 m. of water. Between 1977-79, Professor George Bass and a team of Turkish and American underwater archaeologists excavated the wreck. Besides a cargo of pottery, a large number of works of glass were brought up.

These 11th Century finds are in 200 different forms and are now on display at the Underwater Museum in Bodrum. In 1953, sponge divers brought up a bronze statue of Demeter that they found in a wreck off the Marmaris coast. This 4th Century B.C. statue is now on display at the Izmir Museum.

After leaving Serçe Harbor, we come to the lovely bay of Ince Island located north of the Ince Island Cape. Besides the extraordinarily beautiful scenery here one also notices medieval ruins. The olive covered hills afford protection against the winds. Leaving here, we come to the broad harbor of Çiftlik. One may pass along either side of the island before the harbor and drop anchor. There is a holiday village here.


Karaburun to Marmaris

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