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Turkey. Aegean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris.

Plains and maps of Turkey ports and marinas, picturesque anchorage for yachting, sailing and cruising in Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

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The Aegean

Degirmen Buku.
(English Harbour, Soyut, Karaca Liman))

Turkey. Marinas, Ports, Charts and Nautical Information. Aegean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris. Gokkova Korfezi.Degirmen Buku, Karaca Liman, Soyut.

At the southern most end of Karaca harbour, three or four miles from Sedir Island, one comes to Sögüt Harbor before which is an island called Karacaada. This pine covered harbor is a place of marvelous beauty. A stream called Incedere discharges into Sögüt Harbor and in the mouth of the creek is a jetty. To the east is another jetty. This harbor is connected by road to Marmaris.

After leaving this lovely bay surrounded by pine, laurel, oleander, and storax trees, we reach Çanak Harbor. This place is enclosed by Andizli Cape and is protected against all winds. After this comes English Limani, a much-indented bay inside Kara and Zeytinli Islands.
There are many places where yachts may take shelter here. The inlet behind the arm of land on the eastern side of the bay for example is a magnificent anchorage with jetties and a restaurant. Almost opposite it is another inlet called Ingiliz Limani ("English Harbor") - According to local tradition, part of the British fleet concealed itself here during World War 1.

On the southern side of Degirmen Bay is another anchorage where one may secure some supplies. Drinking water is also plentiful here. Passing Çamli and Körmen Islands and leaving Degirmen Bükü, we enter Kargili Bay 2.8 miles to the west. After leaving this sheltered inlet, there is a salt lagoon surrounded by pine trees. One may tie up onto the pines on shore.

Gokova Korfezi

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