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Turkey. Aegean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris.

Plains and maps of Turkey ports and marinas, picturesque anchorage for yachting, sailing and cruising in Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

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Çökertme Bay.

Turkey. Marinas, Ports, Charts and Nautical Information. Aegean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris. Gokova Korfezi. Cokertme Bay.

After leaving Alakisla Bay one passes Tekerek Limani, llgin Limani, and Kargili after which one arrives at Çökertme Bay, the best anchorage here. This place is surrounded by pine and olive trees and is sheltered against the winds. Inside the bay is Çökertme village, the western side of which is a good anchorage.

Leaving Çökertme, one arrives at Çamalti Bay, the jetty for Ören where one may visit the ruins of Keramos. Keramos is 48 km from Milas and one can reach it by road as well. The modern town of Keramos is located on the ruins of Keramos. A city of Carian origin, the date of its foundation is unknown though we know of its existence from the 5th Century onward because it was a member of the Delian League. Ruled by the Persians and then Alexander and passed variously through the hands of Rhodes, Rome, and Byzantium.

At Keramos today one notices sound city walls and their gates remaining from Hellenistic times here and there. The ancient acropolis was between Mese Kayasi and Çamtepe. Outside the village at a place called Bakicak is a marble platform surrounded by a wall. The three blocks visible are all that remains of the foundations of the temple of Zeus Khrsaoreus. There are also ruins of another temple, called Kursunlu today. This temple, located at the foot of the acropolis hill outside the city walls, is in a very ruined state. There are also remains of many Roman and Byzantine buildings at Keramos whose functions can no longer be discerned, though one of them was probably a basilica. On the southern side of the city is a Byzantine church.
There are the remains of a big structure on the east at a place near the city walls. To the south, outside the city are the remains of a many columned structure called "Akyapi" by the villagers today. Outside the city walls is a necropolis and in the cliffs there are rock tombs. Çamalti Bay, where the modern jetty is, was the harbor of ancient Keramos.

Gokova Korfezi