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Leros and Kalimnos

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Kalimnos, Leros and Pserimos Islands. Cruising plain. Dodecandes. Aegean Sea. Leros' topography has given rise to many villages. The most important is the capital, Agia Marina - united with two other villages, Platanos and Pandeli, on the back side of the hill - a collection of little white houses, neoclassical buildings and narrow alleyways. It starts at the seaside and gradually climbs up the sides of the hill, whose summit is dominated by the sombre remains of a Byzantine castle. Of special significance during Byzantine times, its shape is that given it by the Knights of St. John, who arrived in Leros in the 14th century. Still standing today are the circuit wall and the church of Our Lady within it.

Kalimnos - The terrain of this fourth largest of the Dodecanese is mountainous, except for two fertile valleys. It's along these valleys that its biggest villages have sprouted - Kalimnos or Pothia and Vathi.

Castles, remnants of fortresses, archaeological finds, and old churches bear witness to the continuous importance of Kalimnos in the history of the Aegean. Its natural attractions - caves, lovely beaches, unspoilt scenery - make it a mini earthly paradise. Kalimnos is widely known as the spongefishers' island, since such a large portion of the population is engaged in this age - old occupation.

Kalimnos Island
Port Kalimnos
Leros Island
Port Lakki (Lakkion)
Alinda Bay
Partheny Bay
Pserimos Island


Kalimnos -Useful Telephones

Area code: 0243
Harbourmaster: 29.304
Police: 29.301
Municipality: 29.560
Taxi: 29.555
First Aid: 28.851

Leros - Useful Telephones

Area code: 0247
Harbourmaster: 23.256
Police: 22.222
Municipality: 22.255, 22.937
Taxi: 23.070
First Aid: 23.251






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