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Khios Island

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Khios, south of Limnos, claims to be the birthplace of Homer. Its landscape is very varied and its main crop is mastic, the "chew in chewing gum", produced by trees that grow nowhere else in the world.
The south part of the island is where the mastic trees grow in abundance. An unprepossessing, bush-like plant, its sticky sap forms crystals which are gathered for use in many products, including pharmaceuticals.

Swimmers will find a variety of lovely beaches on Chios. These include the resort of Karfas, not far from town, Agia Ermioni, Komi, Vrontodo, Agia Markela and others.

Useful telephone numbers for Khios

Area Code: 0271
Harbour Master: 22837
Police: 22581
Municipal Tourism Bureau: 44389
First Aid: 23151


Eastern Sporades. Greece.

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